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Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?
If we assume a $2,000, monthly budget Which is honestly on the lower side we can estimate $25k per year. Link Building Software - $6,000, - You're' going to need a few tools here: Ahrefs is essential but we'll' assume you're' already doing SEO and therefore already have a subscription $500 month, so we won't' include that in our costs. Besides that, you'll' need outreach software, email-finding software, and link-monitoring software. So let's' guess $500 per month all in. That brings us to a grand total price of approximately $177,000, per year. This is also making the assumption that you'll' be actively building a minimum of 30 links per month or 360 links per year. The price can really stack up fast. As you can see, the cost of link building can seriously stack up fast if you're' attempting to move this in-house.

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