Network Engineering Company Questions


It is hard to find a network engineering company in Austin that will come out and meet with you personally. The companies I have worked with that were reliable and responsive are fairly small operations, and they are available locally. I recommend that you check your local phone book for their business listings before contacting them for a consultation.

The best network engineers are usually the ones who understand what the potential outcomes of the project will be. They will determine the scope of the project, the time it will take, the cost involved, and the likelihood of finding a solution. When they can answer these questions from the beginning, they will be the one asking me how do I know this person can meet my project requirements.

I recently completed a networking engineer consulting project in Austin. The client was looking for a process to manage the activities required to prepare a large equipment project. I was asked to meet with the business owner and he explained that the project would take a year to complete.

The process work required would involve an IT consultant, architects, electrical engineers, and construction management personnel. The project owner thought that he could handle all of this himself. We worked together for a couple of hours to determine what the actual project would require and where I should start.

I explained to the business owner that he needed to build a system to control all of the activity. He also needed a team of architects and engineers. Then, he needed construction management services. There was still a lot of work left to be done.

As soon as the construction management portion was in place, the company’s capabilities would change dramatically. I believe there would be one owner and three partners. Now I can see why you may ask how do I know this person can meet my project requirements.

The business owner had not prepared a list of his own qualifications. I asked him if he could provide a bachelor’s degree or certification in engineering. He couldn’t provide either of those items, but he did tell me how he had worked as an electrician for about five years.

The business owner knew I was interviewing him because he had brought a bachelor’s degree with him, and he had also interviewed me several times. He said that the certificate would be handy for the contractors on the project, but that he didn’t think it would be enough for him to communicate effectively with everyone on the project.

We found out that his team of three engineers did not have any experience working with web-based systems. Their level of understanding of the technology involved was limited, and they never showed an interest in learning more. I told the business owner that I would refer him to a local computer engineering school for a business associate degree in computer engineering, or he could get online and start educating himself.

In response, the business owner told me he would leave that up to me. In his mind, the only one who could answer how do I know this person can meet my project requirements was him. He actually wanted me to provide a list of qualifications so that he could better assess whether or not I was qualified to meet his project requirements.

Because I had specific goals in mind when I started the consulting project, I was able to narrow the focus of the work that I wanted to do. The business owner would be paying me to prepare his information network infrastructure for the team of three engineers that he hired.

If I had focused my efforts on meeting his specific business requirements, I would have wasted my time and his money. When I asked how do I know this person can meet my project requirements, I was able to connect with the right people to meet the company’s goals.

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