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Is your shingle roof not aging well through the seasons? Then click here for Towson roofing as they know what they are dealing with. The importance of keeping a roof over your head isn’t just a phrase, it’s a reality that can hugely customize the safety, dryness, and energy efficiency of your home. Our experienced team has rapidly grown during the last number of years because of our successful background in vital shingle roof replacements.

What are Your Shingle Roof Replacement Options?
When approaching contractors, you’ll typically be quoted for just one of two shingle roof replacement options: 25 Year Shingles vs. 50 Year Shingles. At first, the allure of a discounted tag may attract one to the 25 Year Shingle option, nevertheless the fact is this choice is inferior in numerous areas. For instance, the 130 mph wind resistance rating of 50 Year Shingles greatly outstrips the 60 mph wind rating of 25 Year Shingles. Additionally, the best way 50 Year Shingles are laminated on both sides and stacked two high provide homeowners with increased durability and cost-effectiveness. For a price difference that’s typically within 5% of twenty-five-year shingles, choosing 50-year shingles is a no brainer.

What’s the Deal With Underlayment?
Your prospective contractors may mention in passing the underlayment materials they’ll utilization in the shingle roof replacement process, typically either felt or synthetic. Felt paper is quick as an antiquated option, and maybe a red flag if it’s a prospective contractor’s material of preference. Felt is definitely torn and has poor durability when encountered with the weather. A synthetic underlayment, however, has fiberglass woven into its thread, rendering it not easy to tear or pierce, and it guarantees a six-month exposure rating, meaning when the synthetic underlayment interacts with external elements it will likely be far tougher than felt.

When’s the Right Time to Replace?
Of course, a common question is the place do I know when it’s time for it to search for contractors for my shingle roof replacement? This can be based on a few different factors. The first and most apparent is when the roof of the house is leaking water on the inside of your house, an alternative is critical. If loose shingles are frequently being knocked off your home’s roof during storms, it’s a good time also. Additionally, any physical damage like dark patches (indicating where the liquid has pooled underneath the shingles), along with other structural issues are typical reasonable signs it’s time for a substitute.

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Roofing is often a Baltimore-based roofing contractor that has been providing services to customers throughout Maryland for more than 60 years. For us, quality is everything. We take pride in everything perform, whether it is laying a row of shingles or sweeping the driveway after the workday. We ensure that every project performs it right initially and also to honor our clients by creating meaningful relationships.

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Towson Roofing announces that they have just published a fresh post online that references the need for proper attic venting. With spring and summer fast approaching, those on the company want to make homeowners more aware of some great benefits of not letting heat buildup within their attic space. They say which a properly vented attic can make any home much more comfortable and energy-efficient. This is why they offer lots of attic venting options for their clients to pick from.

A company spokesperson said this about attic venting, “One area in a home that people fail to seem too interested in is their attic space. Maybe it is because homeowners do not typically use their attics for not additional storage space. Nonetheless, we’d like a homeowner to be aware that their attics certainly are a main contributor to higher energy bills as a result of heat that accumulates in them in the daytime. This has the effect to do things like making ac units run a lot longer to chill a home. Getting rid of this hot attic air before it accumulates to extreme temperatures could be the natural part that attic ventilation plays. That’s why we encourage some of our customers who have no attic ventilation to highly consider having us do the installation for the kids.”

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According to the company spokesperson, attic venting isn’t only about saving money on energy bills either. It also might help extend the life span of the homeowner’s roof. Excess trapped attic heat performing on a roof from below can cause additional stress and stress on any roof that may eliminate looking at the useful life. He cautions that overly hot attics will likely build up moisture inside them. Moisture in an attic also can affect any home’s important roof structure along with the surrounding structural wood within the attic. This moisture can also help with unhealthy mildew and mold growth in the home. He says that attic ventilation will greatly minimize moisture and heat buildup in an attic. This issue can result in the need for any new roof and that service can learn about here.

The company spokesperson says that they at Towson Roofing offer three several types of attic cooling solutions. One of those attic heat minimizing solutions that they have are rafter vents. Once installed, this passive sort of attic venting does a good job of circulating and releasing the air in the attic so attic air stays cooler. He says that their company can also install attic fans for folks that circulate and force the warm attic air beyond an attic at a higher rate than rafter vents can. The company even gives homeowners selecting having solar powered attic fans installed that can help them save a lot more funds on their energy bills. The company spokesperson mentioned that they can also insulate the attic area in the house to aid reduce heat transfer into that attic space.

Roofing venting installation isn’t the only type of roofing service that company offers either. According to their spokesperson, additionally, they do large and small roof repairs, roof leak detection and resolution, and so they can also put an absolutely new roof on someone’s home. He mentioned that their roofing contractor may be serving the roofing needs of those in Towson and Baltimore City for several years now. Their service area also may include such communities as Baltimore Highlands, Cockeysville, Hampton, Milford Mill, Pikesville, and Timonium.

The company spokesperson also proceeded to express which they are proud of the truth that their services are very highly regarded by people who rely on them. Here is evidence of that inside a review from recent customer Emma H that says, “When home needed new roof installation, we received estimates from the 3 local MD roofing companies. Towson Roofing gave us one quote for cheaper roofing and another for better roofing. Their price for your upgraded roofing was lower than another price I was quoted. We gave them the work and that we are glad we did. The new shadow pattern roof looks great.”

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